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Cygnet (zwaan) 30ml. Animal Essences

Cygnet (Baby Swan)
Cygnet (zwaan) verzorgende ondersteuning voor het voelen en het uiten van de zuiverheid, genade en goddelijkheid van het kind, die we waren en die nog steeds in ons leeft .

Cygnet essence provides nurturing support for feeling and expressing the purity, grace, and divinity of the child we were and who still lives within us. Supports one to experience the pure Grace of Being. For knowing one’s deepest self as Divine and beautiful. Supports experiencing life as an act of Divine Grace. For allowing our Inner Child to feel divinely loved and blessed.

For adults:
– Who as children lost touch with their Divine self, and who need to reconnect with the experience of their Inner Child as one with Divine Grace.
– Who as children lost touch with themselves as beautiful beings.
– Who need to reconnect with their inner life as sacred and blessed.

For children:
– Who have lost their innocence due to trauma and abuse.
– Who need to find reconnect with the fact that they are full of grace and beauty.
– Who need support to feel their connection and oneness with Spirit.

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