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Bat Pup (vleermuis) 30ml. Animal Essences

Bat Pup
Bat pup biedt verzorgende steun en vertrouwen voor het reizen met gemak in de duisternis van het verleden om onopgeloste kindertijd kwesties te confronteren.

Bat Pup essence provides nurturing support and confidence for traveling with ease into the darkness of the past to face unresolved childhood issues. Nurtures confidence for embracing unhealed wounds and navigating through this challenging work. Provides deep support for healing scary issues from the past. For being carried and supported through the darkness. For embracing that which has been pushed away.

For adults:
- Who need support feeling safe to go into the pain of their childhood and exploring uncomfortable issues that need healing.
- Who need support for going into the deep past of childhood to unlock memories and feelings that have been repressed.
- Supports and accelerates the healing process by helping one to navigate through the darkness of the deep past.

For children: - Who have been the victims of trauma or abuse.
- Who needs help in strength and courage to face and release their pain.
- Who have fright of the dark.

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