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The Gold Series

Indigo Essences The Gold Series

These essences are here to accompany us as we move into the golden dawn of a new level of consciousness on planet earth. Just as the Indigos helped us to move out of the darkness, the Gold Series will help us to anchor the dawn energies while we learn to be in this new vibration. The days, weeks and months to come will bring a lot of chaos as we move through the transition period. We may witness events on a global level that make us feel profoundly sad or angry or hopeless. Rather than staying stuck in these energies it is important that we anchor and vibrate energies of Truth, Love, Peace and Hope for the highest and best result for all. The essences of the Gold Series are here to help us hold those loving vibrations in our energetic fields. By holding these energies in our field we will affect others around us and help them to come into balance too.